Heal Your Spirit

Heal Your Spirit · 02. October 2019
Couple of nights ago I found out that I lost my job. With an immediate effect. I sat down and thought how beautifully my pattern (of self sabotage) has been played out. I'm in awe.
Heal Your Spirit · 11. March 2019
I have just completed Patterning workshop with SuperGenius and Ryan Pinnick. It has been without a doubt few most intensive and emotionally charged days of my life. I feel like an operation on my soul has been done and my heart has been healed. Or at least it has started the healing process.
Heal Your Spirit · 05. October 2018
Half of my lifetime has passed since the event. I recently had a dream that made me think of someone I used to deeply care about and of my teenage struggles.
Heal Your Spirit · 22. February 2018
A year ago I was single, broken hearted and ill. And then I went to a workshop that literally turned my life around. After that I never looked at myself and others the same way again...
Heal Your Spirit · 10. January 2017
When I was a university student, every New Year I used to participate in something called Pilgrimage of Trust through Earth. It is an ecumenic Christian meeting for Youth from all over Europe (and the World). It is organised by the community of brothers from Taize, France. Every year it takes place in a different European city. I went first time when I was only 17 years old and the meeting took place in Paris then. After that, for 6 consecutive years, I participated in those meetings in Hamburg...
Heal Your Spirit · 17. August 2015
I first learned about people living in Manila's Northern Cemetery from a Polish TV documentary series "Kobieta na Krańcu Świata" ("Woman at the end of the World"). It was showing the life of a Filipino family that had a tomb as a house. Their smiling faces, despite the struggles and poverty they lived in, really touched me. I cried together with the family when the journalist and reporter - Martyna Wojciechowska - altogether with her team, brought a surprise Birthday cake for the little girl...
Heal Your Spirit · 13. July 2015
The river water level was too low, so we couldn’t take the boat from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh as we had planned before. The other option was a 7-hour bus journey. We opted for a bigger bus rather than just a van due to the space. It gave us a great opportunity to meet the locals, travelling with us. There were virtually no other tourists on the bus. Some of the locals were pretty curious about us, especially a little, maybe 3-year old girl with whom I was exchanging face pulling expressions as...
Heal Your Spirit · 07. July 2015
Imagine no internet access, no computer nor phone access, no reading, no listening to music, for 10 days. Imagine you cannot talk to, touch or even keep eye contact with anyone. Imagine sitting and meditating for 10 hours a day, in complete and utter silence. This is what I did in Thailand this month. Got your attention? Read on, but this is going to be a long one (with hardly any photos).
Heal Your Spirit · 24. December 2014
It was December 24th 2008. I had joined my ship a couple of days before. That day I was sailing away from Malta. Having spent only 2 days or so on that ship, I hardly knew anyone.