On taking responsibility (for your unconscious behaviour)

 I wrote this during a sleepless night due to throat and ear infection and I thought it'd be worth sharing on my blog.
Couple of nights ago I found out that I lost my job. With an immediate effect. I sat down and thought how beautifully my pattern (of self sabotage) has been played out. I'm in awe.
I could blame the management for not making time to speak to me when I requested, and for not even telling me in person (I found out via email through my agency). And the agency for not giving me a proper contract since September even though I asked several times. But knowing my pattern of self-sabotage I have to take 1000% responsibility for it. Things get out of my control...
My illness is also not a coincidence. I've often created one as form of realising the tension. I've done a childhood incident process on this particular one
, a tool that I learned via SuperGenius workshop. I had a proper cry on it the other night, as I realised what had happened to me as a child was not my fault. I allowed myself go through the emotions and observed them almost from the outside. It was quite surreal. 

I'd normally be in a stage of self pity now, but I know that something extraordinary is awaiting around the corner.
So if shit hit the fan for you, or someone is giving you a hard time, be aware that :
-you created it, or at least attracted it
-you are not alone
-you are in the game so enjoy the ride
And, above all, take 100% responsibility, especially if you want to blame someone else. And watch miracles happen.


I wouldn't have had that awareness if it was not for the SuperGenius. If you want to learn more about yourself and patterns of self-sabotage, then I highly recommend that you attend the free 1-day workshop in London.

Thank you for reading.


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