Heal Your Mind

Heal Your Mind · 02. November 2015
When I first came to London, I was mesmerised by its cultural diversity. As a student, for 1 summer I had earned enough money to support myself while at uni for the rest of the year. That was back in 2006. Come 2010, I came over again and this time I stayed around for longer. 2 years and a few jobs later I was getting the hell out of there, vowing not to go back. Now, in 2015, after 3 years in Poland and a great 3-month trip to South East Asia (the story will continue), I am back again. Some...
Heal Your Mind · 27. August 2015
It’s been nearly a year since me and my partner went to Bali. A lot has happened in that year and I found it hard to find motivation for blogging. I have split with my partner of 5 years recently and am still trying to find my feet. So please forgive me the humongous delay in writing. Luckily, I took some notes while we were travelling so now I can recall the memories. It’s different to write as you travel, and different when you’re trying to do it after a while, from memory. I’ll do my...
Heal Your Mind · 11. August 2015
After Palawan, Siargao and a bit of Cebu, flying in and out of different Philippine islands, it was time to take a ferry to Bohol. After having a lechon lunch (national pork dish of the Filippinos), our friend Ben gave us a lift to the port of Cebu.
Heal Your Mind · 06. August 2015
I've recently been dragging my feet about continuing the story from my South East Asia trip. So much happened then, but it almost feels overcast by my recent move to London and things that have been happening here in the UK. And the longer I wait, the less details I remember about what happened. So I shall continue, as I still have so much to tell!
Heal Your Mind · 04. August 2015
I will tell you a secret: I’ve found my Paradise. And I want to keep it to myself. After a couple of days I started thinking of buying a house here and staying. Why not? Eeek!
Heal Your Mind · 27. July 2015
I must warn you. This is NOT a guide to El Nido (although it includes a few tips). There are enough bloggers who have written guides about this place. This is my story about how I felt about Archipelago El Nido. In a few words: it blew me away. Why? Read on.
Heal Your Mind · 19. July 2015
Our flight to the Philippines was supposed to depart from Bangkok, Thailand. To get there we had to travel all the way from South of Cambodia. We opted for a day coach, as it was one of the cheapest options. Night bus was not safe from what we heard and we wouldn’t have gotten the sleep anyway. And the flights were twice as expensive. We had bought a coach ticket 1 or 2 days before leaving Kampot and were assured there would be only 1 change in this 12-hour journey, after about 1 hour. So we...
Heal Your Mind · 16. July 2015
A couple of hours from Phnom Penh down South lies Kampot. We first learnt about it from our AirBnB hosts in the capital of Cambodia and decided to give it a try. From sunny Phnom Penh we got ourselves straight into monsoon-rainy Kampot. Lovely. We checked into a guest house that we were recommended. Learnt by experience, we booked 1 night only. After a couple of hours we knew it would be our first and last night there. We didn’t quite like it, so that afternoon off we went on a quest to find...
Heal Your Mind · 08. July 2015
I’ve been dragging my feet about putting my experiences in Cambodia down on paper, it’s been almost a month. Not because I didn’t like it. I loved it, although some of its aspects were hard for me to comprehend. I recently went through what must be a zillion photos of Angkor ruins and decided now it was time…
Heal Your Mind · 24. June 2015
One of the places worth seeing while in Bangkok is a floating market. There are several of them and are often set up just outside of the city. The one we went to was called Talling Chan and the taxi from the nearest BTS station cost us 90 Baht (less than 3$). We were glad we went to see that particular one, as it was not overcrowded. We tried something like an omlette with sweet sour and spicy vegetarian filling. It was absolutely amazing. We took 1-hour river about around the local canals (60...

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