Heal Your Body

Heal Your Body · 02. June 2015
I've got about a month to go for a new adventure. Wait a minute. Oh my! I've actually got less than 3 weeks to go to Asia! There's still soo much to do I do not know where to begin. I'm going to travel with my partner for 3 months around South East Asia. I'm thinking of putting a packing list together as a separate blog post, but for now let me list what I've done and still have got to do before leaving.
Heal Your Body · 02. November 2014
I have seen well over 50 countries of the World, but when it comes to my own home country – I have not been to enough places. Some of the areas I saw a long time ago, some I have not visited ever. So when my partner said “let’s go and see some more of Poland this year”, I jumped at the opportunity. We have lived here in Poland for about 2 years but have not had a chance to see a lot together. As we wanted to be flexible with how long we wanted to stay for and where to go next, we...