How the little gremlin in my head has run the show... for my entire life

I have just completed Patterning workshop with SuperGenius and Ryan Pinnick. 

It has been without a doubt few most intensive and emotionally charged days of my life. I feel like an operation on my soul has been done and my heart has been healed. Or at least it has started the healing process. What I learned is beyond measures and without a doubt has been the most enlightening and humbling process of all. In terms of personal development journey, it took me over 2 years to get here. 2 years of discovering myself and preparing for the truth of what that little “gremlin” inside my head does, to sabotage my end results. In terms of my whole life, I feel like I have spent 34 years of my life living in Matrix. Unwiring it was one thing. Applying what I learned, seeing the red flags and making things happen despite “the gremlin” running the show is another thing. 

“With great power comes great responsibility”. In the last few days I have learned some super powerful stuff. I learned that NOTHING happens by accident. At the moment it is still sinking in and I am absorbing it, while feeling a little emotionally overwhelmed. I want to thank everyone who helped facilitate the workshop for your patience and perseverance to dig out the truth. It was a tough gig. I also thank Ryan for his love and integrity to tell us what we needed to hear, not what we wanted to hear. I won’t go into details of what I learned, as it is extremely personal and could be used as a weapon against me or other participants. But what I can say is that I had absolutely no idea to what degree my subconscious mind has controlled me and my outcomes. 

It will take me years to master applying of how my little “dwarf “ inside me sabotages me from achieving my goals and vision. What I can say is now I know that I am a woman standing in my own power. And I take full responsibility for my actions and my outcomes. Blaming others for what happened in the past, for what didn’t work will occasionally still happen, because I am a human after all. But now I know that while it’s nobody’s fault when bad things happen to us, we somehow attract them. I also feel extremely humbled as I know every human being on this planet has their own “dwarf” that runs the show. And if people had a choice, even those doing bad things, they would choose love. Ultimately we are all seeking for love but somehow we were wounded as children in relation to it, one way or another. So we built walls around our hearts to protect us, the coping mechanism that allowed the scaring process and survival.

If you want to learn how to unwire your own Matrix and begin the journey of self-discovery beyond measures, all you need to do it sign up and come to the 1 day workshop with SuperGenius. The truth will set you free.

 Thank you for reading.

Boogie x


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