About me

My name is Bogna, but you can call me Boogie


I am Polish, but in the past I have lived in the UK, USA and on a sea. I currently am travelling around South East Asia.


I was not born to a rich family. My Mum raised me and my brother as a single parent and she did an amazing job. 


As a young child, every year my parents (before they got divorced) would pack backpacks, and we would all take a long, 3-day train journey to the coast of Bulgaria. We would be camping for about 2 months, until the summer time was over. Some of my earliest and fondest memories are from there. 


I was a girl scout and then a girl guide for about 10-11 years. Belonging to a scout troop not only gave me new friends, helped me come out of my shell and taught me to be very independent, but also woke up my travel bug.


In 1999 I went to a scout camp in Denmark, in 2000 I participated in a Youth meeting in Paris. And I pretty much haven't stopped since. As a university student, I used my scholarship (yep, I was a bit of a geek, one of the reasons why children at school used to tease me) and every single half term break to go somewhere. I hitchhiked with a bunch of 17 from Poland, through Romania to Istanbul, Turkey. I hitchhiked all over Balkans and Middle Eastern Europe. I participated in Camp America twice. 

In the last year of my studies I decided to become a cruise ship photographer


I did variety of jobs in the past, including an office worker, summer camp counsellor, teaching assistant for special needs, English teacher, studio and events photographer. Whichever role I performed, it did not manage to kill my travel bug, duuuh some of them helped me develop it! 

While my friends are either getting married or are having babies, buying houses (and I am not saying there's anything wrong with that!) etc., I am still looking for my place on Earth. Once I find it, I may settle. 


This website is somehow an escape - to the World that I love. World of passion for photography, writing and yes - you guessed well - travelling. I have travelled and worked around different places (after country No. 53 I lost the count) of this beautiful Planet and I am hungry to see more. My stories show my personal, subjective point of view, hence this is:

Boogie Planet

 I used to write a travel blog on another platform before (you can check it out here), but I decided to give it a more personal touch now. 


I am NOT an English native speaker and sometimes I find it hard to express myself.


Ok, I must confess that it makes me feel a bit uncomfortable to talk about myself at lenght. So I will finish for now.

You can get to know me through my blog entries. You can check out my old travel blog for thousands of pictures and crazy adventures. You can also stalk me on Facebook and Twitter, or you can read one of these articles:


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If you have any questions or are looking to work with me, you can contact me here

Thank you for reading.


Bogna aka Boogie