Plus tips of how to survive Christmas away from home

My Christmas at home in 2013
My Christmas at home in 2013

It was December 24th 2008. I had joined my ship a couple of days before. That day I was sailing away from Malta. Having spent only 2 days or so on that ship, I hardly knew anyone.

When it came to my dinner time, I went to the crew dining hall (called crew mess in ship language). I sat over my plate of plain pasta and I thought what at that time my Mum and brother would be eating.

Now, to make you understand what was going through my mind, you must understand that Christmas Eve is actually the time when we celebrate Christmas in Poland. We have the most amazing meal of the year then, we share wishes and after the supper we give each other and unpack presents. At midnight we would go to the midnight mass. It is a truly MAGICAL time.

And there I was, experiencing none of it, being 3000km away from my home and family. I couldn`t help but burst into tears...

There was a Polish girl that happened to come into the crew mess and saw me in that state of mourning sadness. She didn`t say anything, just gave me a hug. She understood.

On the following day there was the whole celebration onboard the ship, because everywhere in the World EXCEPT for Poland, Italy and some parts of South America celebrate Christmas dinner on Christmas day. I had maybe 15 mins to eat it because it was a formal night and I worked my bum off, shooting in studios and restaurant so that the guests could enjoy themselves. My manager was in a horrible mood and unfoturnately took it out on us - his team members. He was not a bad guy, he probably just missed his family and home celebrations as much as every crew member on ships. To be quite honest, I was glad that I was working so hard - because I did not have time to think.

First Christmas away from home, with my team mates from all over the World
First Christmas away from home, with my team mates from all over the World























The following year, I happened to spend yet another Christmas on board the ship, same as the year before - Brilliance of the Seas. I kind of knew what to expect. It was still hard, and if I`d had a choice, for a million $$$ I would not be away form my family for Christmas. I was lucky enough to have had my Mum cruising with me a few days before that.

My Mum cruising with me a few days before Christmas, 2009
My Mum cruising with me a few days before Christmas, 2009

It was a fantastic time. She also brought a suitcase (!!!) of goodies for me from my friends in Poland, which made me cry from happiness. However, she was sailing with me 1 cruise before the Christmas one. Come Christmas time I was there alone again. What made it worse was finding out that my Mum was mugged in Barcelona on the way home, missed her flight, stayed for a few days in a foreign country with no passport nor language skills. And I had no idea about it for a couple of days since I had sailed away from Barcelona! Luckily enough she made it home for Christmas, traumatized for life and mortified, but she was safe and home.

Having learnt from the experience a year before, I got to stick to people - Poles that were working on ships, and to my team. With the Poles we made our own Christmas Eve (well after midnight when the working day was finally over). With my team we had a little celebration together, exchanging Secret Santa gifts.

That year I promised myself:

This is a last time I am going to be away from my family for Christmas. Ever. Period.

Following year, I was living in London. My Mum and brother came over to stay with me. I was so happy I cried through half of the Christmas Eve dinner. It was truly amazing time.

In 2011, for the first time after 4 years, I went to Poland to spend that time of the year at home. I was the happiest Boogie on the Planet Earth.

First Christmas at home after 4 years...
First Christmas at home after 4 years...


And I hope I will be with my Family over this time, every year - wherever in the World it will be.

So, how to survive this time if you are away from family and home you may ask?

1. Call / skype / Facetime home. It will make you feel better if you speak to your loved ones, even for a few minutes. Seeing their faces over the webcam would be a bonus.

2. Stick to your (new) friends. Do not sit alone. Nobody deserves to be alone at Christmas.

3. If you can't be home, make a home place where you are spending your Christmas. Decorate it if possible, stick out photos of your loved ones.

4. Do something that will occupy you. Are you in tropics? Go out to that beach! Are you working on ships? You`re probably one of the hardest working people at that time. After work make sure to relax! Go to sauna! Enjoy the crew bar Christmas party! You`re not the only one feeling alone.

Have you ever spent Christmas away from home? How did you manage to survive that time? Please share!

Thank you for reading.



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    Bradshaw from England (Thursday, 25 December 2014 21:10)

    Christmas Day in Brittany, France. Blue Skies and no Rain.The clear starry might means temperatures are dropping. Cosy by a Log Fire and reclinined, laying-down to write. we have a Tree nearby called Tronjoli. The Oak Tree is Ancient. Near to Bulat Pestivien 22160 France. It was good to see this Tree . Maybe I can drive and visit you so I have a change from the Forest !The Tree is possobly about 1,700 Years of Age.I must find out about driving to Opole .A Wish now for the Future, much gentle, loving respect for you and those round you, yours ever, Peter at Pen ar Run. 2015 on the way ....inspiration now , Peter in France

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    boogieplanet (Saturday, 27 December 2014 21:00)

    Dear Peter, Thank you for being a loyal reader to me... and a loyal friend. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. The temperatures have dropped to -9 Celsius here in the last couple of days... I had a fantastic Christmas, a true family time. You are welcome to come and visit my friend, although I currently live in Katowice. Gee, that Oak tree sounds intriguing. Have a great 2015. You truly deserve it. Boogie x