Boogie Planet is about travelling on a budget, highly focused on my personal experiences. I cover topics such as:

  • work and travel (or work abroad)
  • travel stories that inspire
  • culture
  • unique experiences for little money
  • travelling as a solo female and with a partner

The strongest asset of this blog is high quality photography which covers places I visit, people I come across, food I indulge in and rooms I stay at.

I love inspiring people to travel more - whether in a short, medium or long-term.


My readers come mostly from the USA, Poland, Brazil, China and the United Kingdom.

I don't claim to run an empire - my blog is about a year old and I have a long way to go. However, I have travelled since I was a child and I have heaps of experiences and ideas to write about.

I focus rather on quality than quantity of my stories.


I have worked as a professional photographer for 8 years. I hope the photos speak for themselves. All of them were taken by me, unless specified otherwise.

I am open to suggestions, but this is the photography I can easily cover:

  • Destination Weddings - I have done this business for long enough, in countries including Poland, UK and the Carribbean. If you want to see more of my family/wedding photography, visit
  • Hotel shots - interior and exterior
  • Restaurant / food photography
  • Cultural events
  • Children and families (from different cultures)
  • Landscape and wildlife


I can write reviews and/or stories on content including:

  • Press trips to promote destinations
  • Photography gear (especially for Nikon DLSRs) and electronics gear (Mac-related welcome)
  • Travel gear such as luggage, clothing, accessories or books
  • Accommodation such as hotels, villas, camping site, hostels, home stays etc.
  • Restaurant reviews
  • Airline routes or journeys, unique train destinations or car hire (Yes, I can drive!)


  • Banner ads - I can offer sidebar ads and banner adds within blog posts. However, I will only include things that I reckon would be interesting for my readers. 
  • Blog post - Do you have a travel and/or photography - related product that I could test? If I love it, I will write about it.

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