Photo equipment:

Nikon D800 The best DSRL camera I have had so far. My previous one - Nikon D200 - was good and served me well for 5 years. But now I can TELL THE DIFFERENCE. 36 mln mega pixels, full frame. It takes amazng colours, the speed and sharpness is great. And it's really versitale!


I have 4 lenses that cover the range. Probably my favourite so far is the

Nikkor 50mm f/1.8G - really sharp and so versatile!

Nikkor 18-70mm f/3.5-4.5 - good for studio photos;

Nikkor 10.5mm f/2.8 fisheye - perfect for landscapes, interiors and exteriors of buildings. My favourite lens to travel with!

Sigma 70-300mm f/4-5.6 telelens - a bit dark, but with nice depth of field





Photo Editing:

I am a photographer. And as much as I used to loathe photoshoping photos and would avoid it like fire, I came to the point when I had to - due to my job requirements. And 2 pieces of software that I use for photos editing are:


Adobe Photoshop - I guess I do not need to introduce anyone to this one. It is a great software for editing single photos and doing graphics (I'm still learning that one!).

Adobe Lightroom- A wonderful software, ideal for editing batches of photos. Colour corrections, density, some colour effects - go just in a speed of light! 


Computer equipment:

After good a few years of using Lenovo laptop with Windows and having all kinds of "adventures" with it, I decided it was time for a change. I needed something reliable, that works fast and is relatively light. And it's perfect for my photos editing. So I went for MacBook Pro 13" 2,9GHz. I've had it for about 1,5 years and so far so good. Trust me, I've never been a gadget person, my mobile phone has not been upgraded for about 4 years and I am certainly not a snob. But I've learnt a lesson - sometimes you need to invest a little more money in something to last you longer. The cheapest is, 9 out of 10 times, not a good option to go for.

I also use Apple Magic mouse.

Work abroad: - if you are a student and are thinking of a summer job that will change your life - this is something to go for. I participated in the Camp America programme twice (in 2005 and 2007) and I would recommend it to everyone. Watch this space, as I will be writing a more in-depth article about it! - the same thing as above, just for Polish students. - competitor of Camp America, but the idea is the same. They are a good organization though and many friends I met at camps worked through them. - the company through which I worked as a cruise ship photographer


Cheap flights:

Standard home 300x250 - a great flight searching engine. Shows charts of when it is cheapest / most expensive to fly to your destination in a chosen period of time. - although in Polish language, it is a pearl. The website finds best flight deals and combinations of routes and features them. - I don't think I have to introduce anyone to this one. Find the best airlines, hotels, restaurants - hands on - from other travellers. - I have been subscribed to their newsletter 20 best weekly travelzoo deals for years. Although most of the deals they find are for Americans (or from America), they found a deal on AirAsia from the Middle East and Europe that helped me plan my trip to Australia!



Cheap / Free stay (wherever you go): - Stay on a sofa of a local. For free. Or host people from every corner of the World. Couchsurfing saved me many times on my travels. And it's not only about free bed - it's about mixing with locals, meeting them for coffee / dinner, letting them show you places you'd otherwise never discover (as a tourist). I've been a member since 2008 and I have met amazing people through this organization. - the idea is similar to couchsurfing - stay with and meet locals, wherever you go. I was a member for a couple of years before I eventually joined couchsurfing. Highly recommended! so far, it`s one of the best search engines I discovered for finding hostels / hotels and guest houses all over the World. I have used them world-wide when I did not have time to contact anyone from couchsurfing. - Something new I really would love to try. You mind someone`s house and (sometimes) pet(s), in exchange for free accommodation. The idea is ingenious. Cannot wait for my first house sit in the upcoming year.

Building website / blog: - I have built this website with Jimdo. It is a fairly new experience for me and I am really happy so far. The tools and navigation are easy to use and it has a few features I did not find on competitors offer! - I have 2 websites built with them, including : which is for my business photography purposes. It was a big step forward for me and I am quite happy with them. I just wasn't too sure about their blog tool and this website is all about my blog, that is why I switched to Jimdo. I give credit to wix for their great layouts but now with the time, I think Jimdo has more user-friendly menu. 



Travellers / travel bloggers:

About me

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